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For Enthusiastic Young Leaders



Course Objective

Balancing task & people

1st August 2020  11AM - 1PM

Kannan Arumugam

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DELEGATING for results

8th August 2020  11AM - 1PM


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LeadING with Inspiration

16th August 2020  11AM - 1PM


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Communicating with Impact

22nd August 2020  11AM - 1PM

Ananya Pathak

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Preventing and managing conflicts

29th August 2020  11AM - 1PM

Ananya Pathak

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Balancing Task and People:  Balancing between people-oriented and task-oriented approaches is a prime factor of effective leadership. This program will focus on the methods to create balance.

Delegating for results: "I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow" - Woodrow Wilson.

Appropriate delegation is the first step towards empowering leadership and ensuring team success. This module covers the methods of delegation and addresses challenges during delegation.

Leading with Inspiration: Inspiration ignites creativity and commitment along with intrinsic motivation. This program covers how to create an inspiring work environment and personalized motivations.

Communicating with impact: Communication being the neural network of an organization, effective communication becomes the enabler of other Leadership attributes. This module encompasses the tricks of simple and effective communication

Preventing and Managing Conflicts: Workplace without differences is a fallacy, when it is our differences that make us unique. This program discusses methods of preventing destructive conflicts and managing constructive conflicts




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